Virgo Zodiac Sign (23 Aug-22 Sep)

Virgo Zodiac Sign – conscientious, orderly and meticulous

Virgo Zodiac Sign


With her razor-sharp mind the maiden misses nothing, even if she lingers shyly on the edge of the action. Their accuracy brings some to white heat, but she basically means well.

Virgo Zodiac Sign in the period from 24.8. to 23.9 sees the light of the world, counts to the sixth zodiac sign, the Virgo Zodiac Sign. Together with the twins, they are ruled by Mercury, who influences the mind and the ability to communicate. The element of the Virgo Zodiac Sign is the earth – it belongs to the earth signs.

Virgo Zodiac Sign and his character:

Charming and friendly, but still cool – that’s how the Virgo Zodiac Sign comes along. Her pointed tongue forces many to their knees, because their acumen escapes no detail. The pursuit of perfection drives people born in Virgo and makes them sleepless nights, because their mind-carousel never pauses. At the same time, the maiden is also troubled by internal fears. She wants to be safe and not take any chances.

If you lure the loner once behind the stove and win the maiden to the friend, you can rely on them one hundred percent: She is a helper in distress, a good counselor and extremely caring. However, you have to come to terms with your pedantry and exaggerated punctuality. Rarely will a maiden be late or make an arrangement. Compromises do not come to the maid’s bag.

Against the chaos, the maiden has an inner dislike. Virgo Zodiac Sign four walls are always tidy and clean – that’s the only way she feels good. Likewise, the Virgo Zodiac Sign tries to lead her life in orderly ways: she loves clear structures that she can analyze and give her the reassuring feeling of having everything under control.

The Virgo Zodiac Sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • conscientiousness
  • Determination
  • reliability
  • care
  • structured nature



  • pettiness
  • intolerance
  • anxiety
  • perfectionism


Star sign Virgo Zodiac Sign and the love:

The righteous Virgo Zodiac Sign is not easily lured out of reserve. Whether she wants it or not, the flaws of her opposite are obvious to her and can not be faded out. Even infatuated virgos keep a clear view of reality. With a certain basic skepticism, they are reluctant to engage in flirtation. Passion is out of the question. But anyone who shines with intellect, optimism, and a life-affirming attitude can conquer the heart of the Virgo Zodiac Sign. Being in a relationship with a partner with the sign of Virgo requires sincerity and loyalty. Even in love the maiden demands orderly conditions. Soon the wedding bells ring, because with half things the maiden is not satisfied.

Zodiac typology

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits the Virgo Zodiac Sign?

► The adventurousness and spontaneity of Aries could arouse the attention of the Virgo. But will she forget her reason for that?

► If the maiden meets a down to earth bull, it could quickly come home. Here she can give herself what she is.

► With the Gemini, the Virgo falls into exciting debates. But apart from a close friendship, nothing works.

► The empathetic cancer fuels the erotic feelings of the Virgo. She can lose her mind.

► The lion approaches the shy maid confidently. But he does not lure her out of the house with his imposing posturing.

► If virgos are among themselves, no crackling is heard. They agree: a friendship connects them, but nothing more.

► Looking away is hardly a Virgo Zodiac Sign when a Libra makes her sex appeal play. But in the end, she thinks better of it.

► The scorpion knows exactly which register he has to draw with the cool maiden. Then she becomes wax in his hands.

► If the hyperactive shooter messes up the virgo’s system, she prefers to run away quickly.

► The realistic look and the structure of Capricorn convince the Virgo Zodiac Sign. She gladly accepts his stubbornness.

► Aquarius takes the Virgo Zodiac Sign to the exciting side of life. Who knows if she gets involved?

► Mind meets intuition – opposites attract. At least physically, the fish of the Virgo can open new worlds.


The Virgo Zodiac Sign at work:

Many Virgo thinks that she is not married to her profession. Their thirst for knowledge borders on an obsession. On the one hand, she does, on the one hand, honor her sense of duty, but on the other, Virgo Zodiac Sign masters it. Work is her lifeblood. Overtime and extra work are a great find for the ambitious maiden. For help, she never asks, she bites her way. In everything that has to do with language and communication, the maiden blossoms. Jobs in journalism, in politics or as a teacher are ideal for her. The maiden herself is her worst critic and can hardly meet her own demands. Her precise, almost pedantic working style makes a good impression, but beware praise calls her shyness on the scene. She prefers to pull the strings in the background.

The sex life of the Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Virgo Zodiac Sign

The maiden man does not go looking for a girl. When his partner thinks back to how it started, she’ll think she took the first step.Virgo Zodiac Sign is too shy to start. She probably got to know him by mutual acquaintance or at work.

For the first appointment, it should appear better on time – and continue to do so – because punctuality is important. Other features he particularly admires are tact, attitude, good manners (including table manners) and a wide scale in entertainment. He wants to choose the place of the rendezvous, and he has firm ideas of the people with whom he likes to come together.

You do not have to worry about his hand getting lost in the wrong places under the table, he demonstratively spreading tenderness in public, or expecting the notorious nightcap in the apartment of his beloved after he’s gone out. That’s not his style.

But when the critical moment comes, he is prepared for anything. If the event takes place with the partner, he will bring everything with him, pajamas, shaving kit, toothbrush, fresh shirt, clean socks and probably also his alarm clock, so that he can arrive at the workplace on time! Maybe he’ll raise the question as you would like it to be before it starts.

It does not come to vulgar unfolding of passion, not to unwanted intrusiveness. His foreplay is rather rehearsed, even methodical. He understands something about female anatomy. Since he has previously clarified exactly what a woman stimulates, he will trigger the right reactions. His technique is more aesthetic than sensual, and false impulses can affect his performance. However, he then attributes this to the circumstances rather than to himself.

But he is always receptive to suggestions, and an aggressive woman can have almost everything he wants. Only one should not expect much imagination from him. He will make a great effort, and a woman who has climaxed with him is himself to blame. The sacrificial maiden man almost dislocates himself to please his bedfellow.

If the maiden man is not stimulated by special circumstances or tricks, he is content with the normal position, and if possible under the covers. With one exception: He likes it when his playmate lies down on the floor with his elbows propped up so that he can take her from behind.

He is not averse to new techniques unless imposed on him. In it he resembles a rosebud, which must be treated with loving care, if the full bloom of her sensual beauty is to come into its own.

A good tip: A light bite in his rump makes his pulse beat faster and usually results in a quick erection.

Not all stories about the coolness of the maiden boy in the bedroom are untrue. Since he is not very sex-obsessed, it can easily degenerate into indifference. He is supposed to be married for years without making use of his rights or duties as a husband. “If you rest, it rusts,” it is said so beautifully in a proverb. The maiden man should not rest!

In certain constellations, he can become a voyeur. The early signs – innocent glances at bathing bikers in bikini, a lecherous look through the binoculars – can grow into a pornography obsession. In porn literature and sex movies, he satisfies himself. Then a normal sex life is no longer possible for him.