Taurus Zodiac Sign (20 April-20 May)

Taurus Zodiac Sign- reliable, generous and a rock in the surf

Taurus Zodiac Sign

The typical Taurus Zodiac Sign cannot be disturbed by anything or anyone, even in the greatest bustle he remains steadfast and rigid. He also wants consistency from his partner.

All people, between the 21.4 and the 20.5 were born, belong to the star Taurus Zodiac Sign. These are governed by the love planet Venus, who embodies all beauty, romance and passion. The Taurus Zodiac Sign is the second zodiac sign in the astrological Zodiac, its element is the earth. He is one of the indigenous people of earth, along with the Virgin and Capricorn.

Taurus Zodiac Sign us and his character:

Impatient people prefer to flee when dealing with a Taurus Zodiac Sign. The reason: The bull attaches great importance to solidity, reliability and durability. If he sees his solid structures endangered, Taurus Zodiac Sign can get uncomfortable. The Venus-ruled bull is devoted to the beautiful things in life – including love, art and artistic activity.

The bull likes to take a ride into the countryside on the weekends. He needs generous landscapes, high mountains or bubbling rivers to escape the stressful everyday life. Many bulls save on a small house in the country side, others lay down an apartment with a balcony. Even as allotment gardeners try some of them. Natural as they are most bull-born have a green thumb.

While other zodiacs have long lost their nerve, the bull remains calm. Taurus Zodiac Sign does not care to get worked up about trifles – instead, he actively seeks a solution while remaining calm and objective. The bull likes to take time for the things that are close to his heart. That can bring his friends and colleagues ever on the palm. Breaking out of the big chaos, but it does do well to have such a rock in the surf.

The Taurus Zodiac Sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • resistance
  • reliability
  • creativity
  • magnanimity
  • sensuality


  • pedantry
  • discontent
  • intolerance
  • sensitivity
  • jealousy


Taurus Zodiac Sign and the love:

Enjoyment always comes first for the Taurus Zodiac Sign – no matter if it’s love, good food or good sex. Therefore, he longs for a partner who is equally sensual and at the same time comfortable. Dispassionate, constantly dissatisfied people, he prefers to sit outside the front door instead of asking for a coffee. Anyway: A one-night stand is not on the wish list of the bull, but a stable partnership already.

Zodiac typology

Taurus Zodiac Sign


Which zodiac goes with the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

► But what other star sign copes with the strengths and weaknesses of the bull? On the other hand, who is struggling with the quirks and quirks of the stubborn bull?

► The Taurus Zodiac Sign shows admiration for the spontaneity of the ram, while the ram stands for the sensuality of the Taurus Zodiac Sign. Better than nothing.

► Taurus and Taurus work hand in hand to fulfill their dream of owning their own home. A good team!

► The solid, reliable style of the bull does not suit the playful twin at all, he prefers it to be noncommittal.

► When bull and cancer meet, tenderness and sensuality combine to form an optimal mixture. That fits right away!

► For a hot night, Leo and Taurus could join forces, but chances for a lasting relationship are rather bad.

► The maiden enjoys a lasting partnership for which the down-to-earth bull can be had. A stable connection!

► If you suspect erotic vibrations between a bull and a scale, you will be disappointed. Too different are these two.

► The encounter of a bull with a scorpion can be quite sexy – but is only for a short time. Better look elsewhere!

► Taurus and Sagittarius share the love of nature and the sporting interest. However, when it comes to something permanent, the shooter must fit.

► To crack the heart of an ibex, the bull has to make an effort. Once inflamed, the ibex will prove a lot of passion.

► Aquarius ensures that the bull never gets bored. However, he also disturbs the beloved peace of the earth sign …

► As impulsive as the bull appears, so sensitive is the fish. When these signs enter into a relationship, power and sensitivity unite.

The Taurus Zodiac Sign in the profession:

The Taurus Zodiac Sign is fascinated by solid, reliable values. For this reason, it likes to work as a banker or financial adviser, where it can live out these characteristics. Ruled by Venus, the bull also has a sense of everything beautiful, creative and aesthetic. So it is not surprising that some bulls are traveling in the art or fashion industry, earning their buns as painters, dancers, gallery owners or musicians. The bull relies on proven. Once he has found a job in which he can develop freely, he will probably remain faithful to this professional field.

Positive characteristics:

  • Faithful
  • Reliable
  • Risk-averse

Negative properties:

  • Stubborn
  • suspiciously
  • Greedy
  • Lazy
  • Jealous


The sex life of the Taurus Zodiac Sign man:

Taurus Zodiac signTaurus Zodiac Sign likes to do love. That may sound silly – who is not, but there are people who only use sex to free themselves from tension, to play the Lord, to prove their masculinity, or to earn points like in a competition. They do not enjoy it for its own sake. The bull man does that.

In many ways, the bull man is an ideal lover. He is sensitive and understands the feelings of his partner. He is a self-starter who does not need much encouragement or persuasion.

The bull drive awakens the sex drive early. From a young age he dreams of women. As a youth, he is lustful and only anxious to live his life sexually. Every woman is right for him, because he has a practical attitude to sex. His needs are insatiable. But do not worry. He will find ways and means to help the woman satisfy him.

His audition is often rehearsed, almost a staging. Spontaneous lovemaking does not exist with him. It only happens when he thinks the moment has come. He takes it leisurely – no jerk, it was nice, thank you very much. But he is not particularly fanciful in love. One does not seek in him an exotic guide into unknown realms of sexual experiences. For him the proven is the true way; but Taurus Zodiac Sign is working it out, and the results of these efforts are not disappointing.

Some people think the Bullman is a little simplistic about sex. He likes it directly, straightforward and often. The bullman can melt an iceberg. His biggest asset is his stamina. What he lacks in imagination, he makes more than with his stamina more than. The woman must take the initiative if she wants to bring some more variety into the matter.

But that must be done carefully. You can not drive a bullman, only by subtle stimulation, he can be steered. If you press him, he becomes unruly. Taurus Zodiac Sign is an earth sign, that means stubbornness. With subtle suggestions you can get much further with the bull. Since the bull man likes comfort, bed with fur blanket and indirect music come very close to his conceptions of the sexual sky. What he likes most: licking a few drops of champagne from the bare skin.

The bull man responds to body odor. The smell of the armpit of a woman or the smell between her legs acts on him like an aphrodisiac. He even likes to lick the sweat of a woman’s body, but would prefer champagne. Rubbing his girlfriend with massage oil right from the top to the bottom is fun. With his oral preference, it may occur to him to suck on each of his toes individually. He has his own ritual and takes his time. Probably he will install cunnilingus in his foreplay.

Bisexuality is relatively common among bullfighters. The bull is able to have several relationships at the same time, and with partners of both sexes. Bull men with typically strong sex drive can enjoy a young man in the afternoon and sleep with a woman in the evening. In any case, he will show a preference for intrusion from behind, often combined with his desire for oral satisfaction. Sexual interest in buttocks is pronounced in almost all bull-born. Also to coprophilous, the tendency to bad odors and faces bull-born tend more than people born under other signs. In extreme cases, they will try to win the partner for these practices.