Scorpio Zodiac Sign (23 Oct-21 Nov)

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – idiosyncratic, strong, individual

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The animal with the deadly thorn displaces many in fear and terror. No wonder that one meets the sign of the zodiac scorpion with great respect, almost with fear. right?

Admittedly, the sign of the Scorpio is characteristically self-willed and proud, but it uses its sting only when it really feels threatened. As a particularly intelligent and profound person, Scorpion Zodiac Sign tends to want to analyze everything – he is interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Hardly anything escapes his trained x-ray vision.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign and his character:

People born between October 23 and November 21 belong to the Scorpio Zodiac Sign, the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Pluto and Mars. Just like the crab and the fish, the scorpion is one of the watermarks.

The scorpion is individual and combative. Scorpion Zodiac Sign goes his own way – come what he wants. When faced with a challenge, almost every means is right to master it. Responsible for this is Mars, the Kamp planet. You should not challenge him if possible – he is in an aggressive mood, he knows no mercy. He has a pronounced self-confidence: insults collide with him, compliments do not touch him.

In spite of all willpower and lust for battle, scorpions are often surprisingly compassionate and amiable. Scorpion Zodiac Sign is committed to justice, bravely defies all difficulties. He is also a loyal friend. For the people who are really important to him, he goes to extremes. His strict and unyielding nature shows in the family and in the circle of friends.

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign and its features at a glance:


  • Industriousness
  • Determination
  • Secrecy
  • Passion
  • Willpower


  • Unforgiveness
  • Jealousy
  • Rechthaberei
  • Mistrust
  • Uncompromising


Scorpio Zodiac Sign and the love:

But how is the scorpion as a partner? Not easy, that’s clear. Scorpion Zodiac Sign demands unconditional loyalty and loyalty, he never forgives breaches of trust. He believes in the great love. And once Scorpion Zodiac Sign gives away his heart, he gives everything to conquer the one who is loved. His seduction skills are legendary, his great strength lies in the rather unobtrusive way he ensnares his object of desire. However, if it is just a straw fire, the star sign Scorpio moves on alone – with half things it is not satisfied. But who could inspire this individualist?

Zodiac typology

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits the Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

► Scorpio and Aries are very attracted to each other. A passionate affair is not unlikely, but the liaison is unlikely to last.

► If the down-to-earth bull has a relationship with a scorpion, he can give him a lot of power. The fact that the two are so different makes the whole thing difficult.

► Both the twin and the scorpion love endless discussions. However, even the eloquent twin is powerless against its sting.

► A deep affection can develop between a scorpion and a cancer. They both demand absolute loyalty and loyalty in a partnership.

► The fire of passion burns brightly, scorpion and lion meet. Whether a relationship between you but also withstand everyday life, is questionable.

► The energetic scorpion can really enrich the life of a virgin. He animates her, his willpower and fighting spirit are contagious to her.

► If the wild and daring Scorpio ensnares the elegant scales, it will hesitate. But ultimately he manages to win her over.

► Dark abysses or total fusion, fierce struggle or unshakeable love. There are no half things between two scorpions.

► The individual lifestyle of the scorpion also appeals to the shooter. The physical attraction is great, but the emotional depth leaves something to be desired.

► The cool facade of the ibex fascinates the scorpion. He wants to know what’s behind it – is it shyness, romance or passion?

► What Aquarius finds exciting, amuses the scorpion. And vice versa it is exactly the same – which the irreconcilable scorpion does not tolerate.

► The fish likes to swim in these dangerous waters, because the scorpion has enchanted him. In him, the star sign Scorpio has found a faithful companion.

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign at work:

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign is a diligent worker – as long as it can work in peace. Impatient superiors who want to analyze the scorpion are against him. His independent workmanship distinguishes him, as well as his high intelligence and his excellent memory. Scorpions like to get to the bottom of things: there are quite a few scientists, psychologists, detectives and archaeologists among them.

As a born fighter, he is also an excellent defense lawyer and a courageous soldier. Even a medical career is conceivable: scorpions do not give up until they have found the right diagnosis or the difficult operation has been successful.

The scorpion is one of the watermarks. Born in the sign of Scorpio are very individual people who have their own opinions and challenges not afraid. On the contrary – you are the first to a scorpion because he loves the adventure and shy away from the boring, monotonous life. Scorpio hates injustice and has no qualms about expressing it. If the scorpion feels cornered or threatened, he also uses his sting and that can be quite unpleasant for other parties.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

The scorpion has a firm will – his goals and ideals he pursues very determinedly.Scorpion Zodiac Sign is sociable and has a lot of friends. His likable nature makes it easy for him to cast a spell over people. The scorpion can drop and be very exuberant. However, it is often difficult for him to curb and not to be uncontrolled.

Love in the star sign Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

Scorpions are very passionate – because of their charisma, they exert on many an almost magical pull on many people. From their partner scorpions require empathy, sincerity and loyalty. If his confidence is broken, the scorpion will forgive, if at all, very slowly and will certainly never forget it completely. Favorable partners for Scorpio born zodiac are Pisces, Cancer Zodiac and Capricorn.

These character traits are typical of the scorpion woman:

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

If a scorpion lady tackles something, then right. She is passionate about everything she does – and she expects that from others too. No wonder that not many meet their high standards. And if something does not go the way she wants, the scorpion woman can get her notorious sting out. Especially when it comes to defending your own line, you can not stand it. Since she can bite properly – sometimes a tad too much. But with her profundity, the Scorpion Lady is otherwise a good advisor. And thanks to her psychological sense she also looks behind the facade of her counterpart. To fool her into something is an impossibility. But she does not always make friends, because she says freely what she thinks. Not everyone can handle that equally well. It can not be intense enough for a scorpion lady. Who has conquered her heart, can look forward to passionate moments. But woe, you give her cause for jealousy. Then you should prepare for a thunderstorm, as it has certainly not experienced so far. Her scenes are notorious. But if you are open and fair to her, you have at the Scorpion Lady also a friend to the side, which goes with a through thick and thin. You can rely on them! To master difficult situations is very special to her. Because only here can she prove all her talents optimally. Anything that works is boring. She wants to be challenged, which does not always make dealing with her easy.

These character traits are typical of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign Man:

A scorpion man does not like being in the center of attention. Scorpio Zodiac Sign prefers to pull the strings in the background. Let the others push themselves into the limelight and brag about their successes. Scorpian Zodiac Sign knows that he has the true power and that is enough for him. He does not like to look in the cards and is a great tactician. But sometimes he gets his own way, as he unnecessarily complicates simple things. He always wants to be challenged, otherwise he gets bored quickly. That does not always make it easy to deal with him, but it is very exciting. Especially since you never quite know what you are with him. He loves it mysteriously. Conversely, he likes it too, if he can always discover new pages on his sweetheart. This keeps his interest awake and spurs on his passion. And this one is unparalleled. He often looks very cool on the outside. But that is deceptive. It is seething in it. You just have to know how to raise the fire and crack its hard shell. And that’s not so easy, the scorpion is a true master of restraint. He also values others if they do not fall out of character. Because he has no understanding at all. To top it all, the ambitious Scorpion Lord runs aground when it comes to solving tricky problems that have left others out of their teeth. Only then can he finally show what great achievements he is capable of. His profound nature is also noticeable in his favorite color. This is, how could it be otherwise, black.

This makes the scorpion happy and that means friendship:

Scorpions are very profound people and like to go to black painting. They even look when others prefer to close their eyes. The wickedness of the world and its inadequacy can quickly spoil these people’s spirits. It would make them even happier, just to look at the beauty and not just the chasms. After all, there is light everywhere where there is shadow. The scorpion should often do something good and consciously enjoy the pleasant side of life. Then, luck sets in almost automatically, in the intensity that scorpions love.