Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (22 Nov-21 Dec)

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – independent, generous, optimistic

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is the optimist among the signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is honest, generous and extroverted. He loves his freedom above all else – if he is confined, he quickly takes flight.

A colleague tells you that your sweater is good for you because it hides your problem areas wonderfully? Then you probably have to do with the star sign Sagittarius. However, you are not offended, because the unique mixture of honesty, humor, and momentum is simply disarming. The shooter is humorous, sociable and purposeful.Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is a devoted partner, a generous friend, a helpful colleague.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and his character:

The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, born in the period from November 22 to December 21, is the ninth sign of the zodiac. His element is the fire. He is the confidence in person, sees the positive in everything. No wonder Jupiter rules over him – the planet that symbolizes happiness and abundance. The typical Sagittarius Zodiac Sign carries his heart on his tongue, but is by no means naïve and superficial.

He enjoys letting his mind wander or discussing the meaning of life in profound, meaningful conversations. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign characteristic feature of the shooter is his love of truth. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign speaks openly what he thinks – and in doing so he goes into so many faux pas. But those who know him know that behind harsh-sounding words there is no evil intention. Unless the shooter feels that his freedom, his independence is being restricted. Woe to him who tries to constrict or press him into rigid everyday routines!

The shooter and its characteristics at a glance:


  • optimism
  • Determination
  • quick-wittedness
  • generosity
  • sincerity


  • restlessness
  • carelessness
  • vanity
  • moodiness
  • curiosity

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and love:

Love is a mystery to the shooter – for relationships are only fulfilling for him when they have something unfinished about them. He longs to eat himself after someone. If the shooter is in love, spray the sparks! Hardly any other sign is more passionate and devoted. However, as soon as the crackle of the beginning becomes quieter, as soon as his everyday life diminishes his pink glasses, a critical phase begins: routine relationships are getting too tight for him and he often seeks out when his first enthusiasm is over and his urge for freedom overpowers , Holiday flirts are perfect for the most adventurous of zodiac signs: exotic locations, foreign cultures, playing with fire – and everyday life is far, far away. The Zodiac Sagittarius Zodiac Sign takes a long time to find a partner for life. The Sagittarius only gives his heart to the one who gives him his freedom. Once he has done so, he leads a lively and moving relationship.

Zodiac typology

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign?

► The ram is only too happy to be carried away by its enthusiasm. If these fire signs meet, a straw fire can quickly develop more.

► You have nice conversations, share the joy of culinary delights, enjoy pleasant hours – but the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is bored quickly in the company of a bull.

► The relationship between him and a twin means pure thrill. It’s a bit exhausting – but also exciting and varied!

► At his side, a cancer generally feels well. Only this usually fits too much – and the freedom-loving Sagittarius Zodiac Sign feels constrained.

► Nobility and generosity are associated with the lion. The fire of passion captures her very quickly. Love at first sight is not rare.

► The optimistic Sagittarius Zodiac Sign and the eternally critical maiden make a strange couple – but they complement each other like pieces of a puzzle. Opposites sometimes attract attention.

► The elegance and the charm of Libra have done to him. The most harmonious of all signs allows the marksman the freedom he needs.

► The Scorpio considers him too naïve: He wants to explore and fathom everything – but he does not come to that, because the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign has long ago revealed everything.

► Sagittarius and Sagittarius like to join: meet each other, fun, fun and a good mood. They are playmates – but not necessarily soul mates.

► Capricorn takes life more seriously than the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign likes. One wants to know for sure, the other plunges into every adventure? That’s not impossible – but difficult.

► Aquarius, like the Sagittarius, loves nothing more than freedom: when they are together, one adventure chases the next. Crazy can hardly be a relationship.

► The imaginative fish fascinates him. Together they build the most beautiful castles in the air, but in reality they often pursue different goals.


The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign at work:

The optimistic shooter dares almost everything and never loses courage. He is often self-employed or freelance. Fixed working hours, tight offices and rigid assignments are nothing for Sagittarius. In the field service, the shooter is in good hands.

In addition, he is a real idealist, he wants to make the world better. Many shooters try this by going into politics, taking on the job of judge or lawyer, becoming teachers or educators. Even clerics can be found among them, after all, their interest in philosophy and religion is great. The typical shooter also likes to work in travel agencies, train stations or airports – just anywhere, where he feels a touch of the big wide world. He is irritated by the danger, he is fearless and adventurous: So you can even find daredevil test pilots among them.

The sex life of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign:

Cannot you be with the girl you love, then love the girl you are with. This is the motto of the Schützemannes. He is like a bee that flies from one blossom to another, fueling every nectar. He cannot vote against that. He is in love with an idealized, romantic dream and must follow that ideal wherever he likes.

Sex is rarely a strong experience for him. He enjoys it but does not feel earthy. Who likes to live in the middle of an earthquake zone? He prefers to walk in a quiet garden full of lovely flowers and pick the flower he wants.

Exciting for him is the hunt, the overture. But if he has succeeded in luring the coveted woman into his bedroom, she may be disappointed. The symbol of this sign of the zodiac is the archer who tenses his bow, but his arrow does not always hit the target – at least not for the first time. The pleasure is short. He’s done in no time and the woman can see where she’s staying.

On the other hand, sex never bores the shooter. He likes to make love and will be the first to try out a new position, a new environment – say what one wishes, he is ready immediately. He does not mind loving three to four times a day, and it certainly does not hurt his health. It does not bother him to have two or three clandestine conditions at the same time. Quantity can replace quality! He is very cunning – in every respect – and can persuade his partner to everything, completely.

A master in erotic massage, both oral and with his hands, he uses this talent extensively to conquer erotic zones. The combination of skilled hands and movable tongue leads to considerable results for his partner.

The Schützemann is a “Reiber”. Even a slight rubbing of his genitals on the body of his partner can bring him to climax.

  • He is also fixated on women’s legs. The sight of stockinged legs irritates him greatly. Many shooters find lovemaking more exciting when the woman is wearing stockings. A woman casually crossing her legs and rocking with the shoe erotizes him through and through.
  • He has a tendency to fetishism at all. Not uncommonly, asking his playmate to wear gloves or shoes in bed – or both. He answers critical remarks only with a joke; seldom does he react with embarrassment.
  • If he is bisexual, which is not uncommon, he changes without difficulty from one sex to another without being committed.
  • He has many and varied relationships. In love affairs, he knows no morality. For him sex means life, and he wants to enjoy life to the fullest.