Pisces Zodiac Sign (19 Feb-22 March)

Pisces Zodiac Sign- sensitive, humble and especially emotional

Pisces Zodiac Sign

No matter what the fish’s life, their overflowing imagination and invaluable empathy will help them.

, between 20.2. and the 20.3. born are part of the Pisces Zodiac Sign. These are powered by Neptune, which embodies the intuition, the sensitivity, the illusion and everything spiritual. Looking at the astrological zodiac, the fish are the twelfth sign. Your element is the water. That’s why you – like Cancer and Scorpio – are among the watermarks.

Pisces Zodiac Sign and his Character:

The nimble fish are hard to catch – anyone who has already tried that can confirm that. Their fear of open discussion or harmless confrontation compels them to seek out the vastness and to dive in an emergency. Fish are known for their sensitive, soulful nature. Once you have hurt your feelings, you find it difficult to trust again. Too big is the fear of another disappointment. As great as the fish’s interest in emotions is, so little is it in terms of all material. Fish do not need expensive clothes, cars or real estate to be truly happy. Close friends that you can rely on at any time of day or night, a loving family, and a sincere, soulful partner by your side are what they long for in their hearts.

Many Pisces Zodiac Sign people are injured and insulted very quickly. They have a thin shell, little mental defense. People with fish or Neptune stress usually have little body tone and therefore have a less dynamic effect. Now that the exterior is not so important to you, their appearance can quickly look lax. On the other hand, there is also the exact opposite, namely, when the opposite sign Virgo becomes active in fish. Above average, this perfect appearance occurs on the birthdays of 4-6 March. But most of the fish are more about the inner life, which can be especially rich. The fact that they are often difficult to express even these inner qualities, it can come to overburdening with the real world or to exuberant outbreaks that foam from the inner worlds.

Good words and logic are no use, tears or anger have to be drained Overall, Pisces Zodiac Sign people are simply adorable, even if it is difficult to understand their logic of action. If there is just increasing energy, it is a real pleasure to share your time with a Pisces person, the world is then in balance and the hopeful enthusiasm that Pisces emits can make you happy. But if the energy level is sinking or low, then one should show understanding of the fish-borne. Because once you have the fish-man times as a friend really won, then he is and remains a joy. No one can be as loving and as magical and gentle as the fish-born, if only he knows that he finds love in the other person, no matter how he is. In front of a fish friend, you can learn very good things.

 The fish and their characteristics at a glance:


  • selflessness
  • sensitiveness
  • patience
  • charm
  • romantic


  • hypersensitivity
  • fragility
  • secretiveness
  • suggestibility
  • Bussiness


Positive characteristics:

Idealistic, believing, internalized, truthful, selfless, good-natured, meek, charitable, helpful, devoted, kind, trusting, humble, benevolent, sentimental.

Negative properties:

Cunning, adventurous, lavish, drunk, dissatisfied, discouraged, uncontrolled, restless, self-tormenting, weak-willed, unfounded.

Well-known fish:

Bruce Willis, Zarah Leander,  Karl May, Viktor Hugo, Otto Hahn, Henrik Ibsen, Joseph von Eichendorff, Karlheinz Bohm, Joachim Fuchsberger, Elisabeth Taylor, Rudolf Nurejev, Rex Harrison, Enrico Caruso, Oskar Kokoschka, Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Jaspers, Georg Friedrich Handel,  Frederic Chopin, Arthur Schopenhauer

 Prominent personalities:

Heinz Rühmann (Date of birth: 07.03.1902)Albert Einstein (Date of birth: 17.03.1879)Nina Hagen (Date of birth: 11.03.1955)Erich Kästner (Date of birth: 01.03.1880)Jon Bon Jovi (Date of birth: 02.03.1962)

Strengths and weaknesses of the fish

Pisces Zodiac Sign are very modest and do not like cockiness. They are very helpful, sympathetic to other people and have a good empathy, which is why they almost always have a large circle of friends. Because of their intense emotional life fish have a good intuition and can almost always rely on their inspirations. Since they are often fully absorbed in your fantasy world and daydreaming, fishing sometimes lacks a certain sense of reality. The self-confidence of the fish is often not very big – they are very sensitive and sensitive to any form of criticism.

Pisces Zodiac Sign and love:

Pisces Zodiac Sign

The typical Pisces Zodiac Sign is especially attracted to the people who have that certain something, radiate a certain strength. Not infrequently, the sensitive watermark comes together with a passionate fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). Mostly, this agreement is short-lived. A down-to-earth bull or just as sensitive cancer, on the other hand, is the perfect complement. In general, Pisces Zodiac Sign is considered real daydreamer, their companion, they are a mystery even after years of knowing. What is needed here is a partner who constantly struggles to stay on the ball.Like cancer and the scorpion, the fish, and how they can be different, belong to the watermarks. People born in Pisces Zodiac Sign are mostly very gentle, peace-loving and often dreamy contemporaries. They hate arguments, conflicts or friction and avoid these situations as well as possible. You will find refuge in your dreams and your imagination, to which you willingly surrender.


Zodiac typology

Pisces Zodiac Sign


Which zodiac fits the fish?

 ► But what other star sign copes with the strengths and weaknesses of the fish? On the other hand, who is struggling with the quirks and quirks of sensitive fish?

► The impulsiveness of the ram is far too much for the sensitive fish. Dear, they watch this fire sign from a distance.

► As a realist, the bull can not do much with the imaginative, creative fish. The physical wavelength is correct.

► Pisces Zodiac Sign and twins – a rare combination, because these two star signs are too different. Virtually hopeless!

► The emotionally creepy side of the crab fits perfectly with the dreamy nature of the fish. Where the two turn up, it becomes wildly romantic.

► The lion is too busy with himself and his image to meet the needs of the gentle fish. This has hardly any future!

► The fish are not considered disciplined, and chaos often determines their lives. The task of the virgin is to bring order.

► Scales and fish can hardly survive in everyday life. A hot affair or working on a joint project are favored.

► For the fish, no other zodiac has more sex appeal than the scorpion. This mixture is fiery and explosive!

► The enterprising, open-hearted Sagittarius and mild-mannered fish are the best friends, but that’s all.

► Imagination and tenderness are the two components that inspire the fish. The Capricorn has unfortunately very different qualities …

► Like fish, Aquarius needs a human by its side, longing for nearness and freedom at the same time.

► Like and equal joins like? Well possible, but the mating of a fish with another fish can also end in a sense of chaos.


Pisces Zodiac Sign in the profession:


When the fish hang over their thoughts, the dream of a chic house and a luxury car is sure to be there. In order to fulfill this dream, they have to work harder than others – because most of the time, the Pisces Zodiac Sign goes after occupations that do not bring in the big money. Not as a real estate shark or as a manager, but as a photographer, actor and in all social/medical professions you can find the fish again. In general, however, it is difficult for changeable fish to commit to a career field. They will gladly and often change jobs during their lifetime because they rarely know what they want.

 Pisces Zodiac Sign LOVE:

Pisces Zodiac Sign are often shy and rarely take the first step – they prefer to conquer. With their gentle, often tender appearance, they look very attractive to many. Her ability for deep emotions is often admired by other characters. You yourself admire the confident and dynamic types. Once you have found a steady partner, you love with devotion and are faithful in the relationship. Fishers are best paired with Taurus, Zodiac Scorpio, Capricorn or Zodiac Cancer.