Libra Zodiac Sign (23 Sep-22 Oct)

 Libra Zodiac Sign – warm-heated, charming, always striving for diplomacy

Libra Zodiac Sign


Libra Zodiac Sign is peaceful, yearning for harmony. When she represents her interests without getting her votes, she makes it so charming that you can never be angry for a long time.

Libra zodiac sign between the 24.9 and the 23.10 born are part of the Libra Zodiac Sign. The Libra Zodiac Sign is the seventh sign in the astrological zodiac, its element is the air. That makes her – besides Gemini and Aquarius – one of the air signs. It is guided by the love and beauty planet Venus.

Libra Zodiac Sign and his character:

The typical Libra-born always strives for harmony and peace, he would do almost anything for that. For this reason, the scale is also difficult to get through to a no. When she rejects someone, she does it in such a subtle way that her counterpart does not realize what’s going on. It happens that she unintentionally stirs up hopes because she makes no clear announcements, but around the bush.

Ruled by love planet Venus, the finer things in life are downright made for the Libra Zodiac Sign. In her spare time she devotes herself to artistic activities, she is interested in art and music. The Libra Zodiac Sign also has no headaches to taste issues: It knows how to elegantly and stylishly bowl itself, is rarely wrong when it comes to their appearance.

The balance and its characteristics at a glance:


  • entitlement
  • charm
  • warmth
  • diplomacy
  • understanding


  • indecision
  • credulity
  • sensitivity
  • suggestibility
  • variability



Libra Zodiac Sign and love:

Due to its phenomenal charisma and charm, the typical Libra Zodiac Sign can hardly save itself from male or female worshipers. Demanding as it is, but only a handful of candidates make it into the shortlist. You have to be worldly, well-read and well-to-do to please a Libra, but also beautiful and cared for – after all, your eyes will love you too.

In its pursuit of happiness, the Libra Zodiac Sign is busy around the clock, creating a harmonious balance. It just knows that an excessive life can not make you happy in the long term. Mostly the Libra Zodiac Sign is back or swallowing her anger, so it’s almost impossible to argue with her. Libra Zodiac Sign also demands a certain willingness to compromise from her partner. The typical Libra Zodiac Sign enjoys the physical advantages of the opposite sex, therefore wishes a partner who is also something for the eye.

Which zodiac fits the scale?

► But what other star sign copes with the strengths and weaknesses of Libra? Who, on the other hand, struggles with the quirks and quirks of the sophisticated Libra?

► Although the ram is not as sensitive as the scales, it impresses with its passionate, hot-blooded kind. It is high!

► The graceful scales and the powerful bull – an extraordinary combination! Common interests are usually sought in vain …

► Lightweight and vibrant, the partnership is one balance and one twin. Fun, games and excitement are guaranteed!

► The tender nature of the cancer is well received by Libra. Unfortunately, she does not just want to pamper her – it quickly gets boring.

► Libra and Leo give off a particularly explosive mixture. Where this extravagant couple shows up, it draws everyone’s attention.

► Whispering the scales of the Virgin sweet words and flattery in the ear, puts her thinking completely out. She can just drop.

► Libra Zodiac Sign and Libra Zodiac Sign love to join, they form the perfect team. However, there are always new applicants who disturb their love of happiness.

► The exciting scorpion quickly captivates the scales. But the eternal foreign flirting and coquetting soon becomes too colorful for Scorpio.

► For a while, the scales are fascinated by the independent shooter. That this liaison becomes a tangible relationship is almost impossible.

► The Capricorn is only too happy to kiss the scales, he has reached his goal, but he seeks the distance – the scales remain plaintively back.

► The Libra winds the Aquarius around the little finger with style and elegance. This mating is varied and easy-going.

► While the scales are open and communicative, the fish is full of secrets. But that’s exactly the attraction: to solve this puzzle.

Zodiac typology

Libra Zodiac Sign

The Libra Zodiac Sign at work:

Libra has always been the symbol of balance and justice; so many scales follow the activity of the lawyer or judge. In addition to legislation, Libra is also interested in all artistic activities, moving in the art scene, working as a fashion designer or interior designer. They like to use their diplomatic skills and maintain close customer contact, e.g. as a receptionist, customer adviser or telephone operator.

Characteristics of the balance:

October is the month of wine, as grapes are harvested during this period. It used to be referred to as Gilbmonat or Gilbhart, and this telling name stood for the discoloration of leaves on shrubs and trees in autumn. Due to their seasonal qualities, the people born in this year’s phase are considered esthete, aesthetes and indulgence people. Of course, this is reflected in the character and characteristics of the scale.

    • The Libra ruler: Venus – as a principle of love for the beautiful.
    • The balance element: air
    • Constellation: Libra – db. Libra. Another name is Iugum (German team or yoke). Originally, the constellation was the scissors of the scorpion. The introduction of the constellation is attributed to Gaius Iulius Caesar in the first half of the 1st century AD. The ruling planet is Venus, the (mythical) ancestress of the house of the Julians. The constellation is thus intended to embody divine justice.
    • The Libra Polarity: Male
    • The favorite color of Libra: Bright, light, noble colors like white and all other colors with a high white content.
    • Libra’s favorite gemstones: aquamarine, white opal, bright smoky quartz and diving topaz, white cubic zirconia, bright amethysts.

Libra Zodiac Sign

The strengths of Libra Zodiac Sign:

The Libra Zodiac Sign is stylish and beautiful. She likes everything bright, noble and is strongly focused on harmony and balance. She strives to balance and understands well on the mediation and moderation – this succeeds all the better if she is not personally involved in this issue, but can take this position as an involved third. But these are far from the only good qualities – The Libra is considered tolerant and tactful. She manages to give a room something special with just a few accessories – decorating it nicely. The Libra Zodiac Sign therefore attaches importance to neat manners, Etiquette and Netiquette. It naturally has an exquisite taste. Her visual imagination turns her into a visionary artist in the performing arts.

The weaknesses of Libra:

The Libra-born are happy to avoid the unpleasant things in life. Their need for harmony leaves them looking for justice and compensation, but they often have to realize that the “middle ground” is not always the best solution. But then they often strive to avoid being themselves in imbalance. Libra Zodiac Sign shows the difference between justice and wisdom. She is the “blind Justitia”, who does not consider the circumstances of the individual case. In dealing with their fellow human beings, the balance then remains rather non-binding and conflict-shy. If she is herself affected, that colors her feeling and her judgment. The decisions are then considered unbalanced and unfair by the Libra’s environment.

Positive characteristics:

  • respectful
  • attentively
  • Esthetic
  • Just

Negative properties:

  • undecided
  • Vain
  • impressionable
  • Fragile
  • Moody

The sex life of the Libra Zodiac Sign:

Although the woman must take the lead, she must not forget that he wants to be complacent and will leave no stone unturned. He is almost overconfident that she reaches orgasm, and with the right echo he can be quite uninhibited. He reacts wonderfully, if you gently stroke his scrotums.

But do not be impatient. If he is rushed, just dismiss it and the mishap is there! The more passionate a woman is, the more careful she must be. His playfulness can lead to an exciting audition if you simply let him enjoy it and enjoy it. The combination of love and tranquility guarantees full satisfaction. He knows the female anatomy, has a lively erotic fantasy and the right intuitions.

His little athletic physique is deceptive. The Libra zodiac sign has stamina. He is slow but steady, and probably his partner will sigh first satisfied. Basically, he only enjoys love when no ordinariness comes into play. Libra Zodiac Sign gets on with caresses, and before discretely undressing her, his partner is already inflamed. In foreplay, he is patient, tender and imaginative. Libra Zodiac Sign does not allow himself to be carried away, not as long as there is still a whole world of senses to discover. In the case itself, he is purposeful, powerful and has more endurance than any woman can ask for.

Sex is a well-rounded experience for him, not just a quick rush in bed. He knows what the woman feels when he presses his fingers and tongue and plays with her body, like an artist on his instrument. His preferred technique: lightly stroking the perineum between vulva and anus. That leaves no woman cold!

Whoever relaxes and can enjoy the sensations without impatience is his ideal partner. For whom the prelude lasts too long, he may take the lead; but it has to be very subtle. The Libra zodiac sign does not like being ordered around in the bedroom.

Mishaps with the pill or other contraceptives do not bring him out of balance. He immediately switches to oral sex, masturbating, or finds relief between his partner’s breasts. Everything she enjoys is also pleasure for him. But he wants to know exactly what is expected of him before play and fun begin, then he will stop at nothing.