Leo Zodiac Sign (23 July-22 Aug)

Leo Zodiac Sign – proud, confident and passionate:

Leo Zodiac Sign

Curtain up, the show starts! The Leo zodiac sign wants the whole world to revolve around him. What makes him so popular anyway: his big Leo heart.

In the Leo zodiac sign, real optimists are born. With great confidence, they encounter their everyday life, set high goals and do not settle for mediocrity. With the sun as his star, the Leo is quite a little bit vanity, but basically, it is this self-confidence that makes him capable of great deeds – if he gets it right! Leo zodiac sign

Leo Zodiac Sign and his character:

Leo Zodiac SignLeo zodiac sign who between 23.7 and the 23.8 is born in the Leo zodiac sign, the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is almost impossible to overlook a Leo sign. The king of the zodiac always wants to be the center of attention, and he usually succeeds in doing so too with a lot of charisma and a radiant smile. Leo zodiac sign From time to time, Leo Majesty’s adulation may already affect his friends. But most of the time they like to be close to him and let themselves be infected by his sunny soul.

The Leo gives generously not only from his zest for life, Leo zodiac sign presents himself otherwise generously spendable, prepares himself and his loved ones a life in the lap of luxury. The flip side of the coin: He barely misses status symbols. The fast car, the noble clock – with such splendor he wants to triumph royal. Sure, that can go pretty well in the money.

One may sometimes accuse him of stubbornness, but one thing is undisputed: the Leo can make himself strong like no other for his fellow human beings. If Leo zodiac sign notices an injustice, he pulls out his claws and bravely and resolutely opposes it. He has no fear. Leo are convinced that they can grow on difficult tasks.

The Leo zodiac sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • fervor
  • willpower
  • self-confidence
  • loyalty
  • justice



  • obstinacy
  • bossiness
  • Megalomania
  • arrogance
  • intolerance


Leo Zodiac Sign and love:

With its charming charisma, the Leo zodiac sign is a vaunted candidate on the Single Market. Who he gives his heart, who can be lucky because he loves with skin and hair. He wants to get his stars out of the sky and lay the world at his partner’s feet. The relationship with a Leo is never commonplace his element, the fire, makes him passionate – he wants a love story full of cinematic love!

But it can also be exhausting with him. On the one hand there would be his urge to achieve and the need to be admired and on the other hand his hunting instinct, which wants to be awakened again and again. Anyone who recovers, the cat will follow. Even as a longtime partner, you are well advised to retire now and then. This brings the fire in the relationship back to the blaze.

Zodiac typology


Which star sign suits the Leo zodiac sign?

► There is a strong attraction between Aries and Leo zodiac sign. But here also the shreds can fly.

► The down to earth character of the bull pleases the Leo. However, both turn to stubborn, it is critical.

► With the happy twin there are hours of conversation. Life feels wonderfully light.

► The gentle cancer awakens the protector instinct of the Leo zodiac sign. Both are very loving each other.

► Two majesties under one roof? Two Leo zodiac sign are on the same wavelength, but like to fight for power.

► The cool maiden supplements the Leo and brings it back to the ground again and again.

► With the scales at its side, the Leo can shine. Both combine the fascination for style and elegance.

► The Leo zodiac sign with the scorpion experiences a fire of passion. With him he gives himself completely to his feelings.

► Sagittarius and Leo are immediately like able. They inspire each other, but they also need their freedom.

► With its unapproachable nature, Capricorn awakens the hunting instinct of the Leo zodiac sign If the Conquest marches, they form a great team.

► Aquarius surprises the Leo with unconventional ideas – there’s no boredom!

► The fish can be wonderfully dreamed. But when it comes to action, he is too indecisive to the Leo zodiac sign.

Leo Zodiac Sign in the profession:

No matter in which position – the Leo zodiac sign does not see itself as a small light. He considers that what he does is very important. Therefore, he is reluctant to subordinate, would like to work independently and quickly climb the career ladder. He does not shy away from responsibility and also has great leadership qualities. No wonder people with Leo often sit on boards, serve as directors or in politics. Thanks to his pronounced Helfergens the Leo zodiac sign feels well as a doctor. For his patients, he gets involved with heart and blood while enjoying the status of “demigod in white”. Even a job in which he can be creative, it is very exciting. As an artist, film or theater, the applause is music in his ears.

Typology for the Leo zodiac sign -woman:

  • Period: July 23 to August 23
  • Determining planet: sun
  • Determining element: fire
  • Type: Fix, male
  • Temperament: choleric
  • Color: yellow gold
  • Number: one
  • Gems: diamond, amber, heliotrope
  • Landscapes: sunny highlands, deserts
  • Physical level: heart, spine
  • Season: midsummer
  • Prototype: The ruler
  • Task: Leadership, self-expression
  • Occupational fields: management, acting, politics


Simply typical Leo zodiac sign! Characteristics of the strong-willed fire sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

The world is a huge playground that offers unlimited possibilities. The Lion Woman simply lives in the great awareness that life holds a variety of opportunities for her. And that whatever she tackles, always leads to a successful conclusion. With her extroverted as well as charming way, she effortlessly infects other people with the fire of her own passion. Which is why she reaches most of her often quite ambitious goals without further ado. Afterwards she likes to celebrate and admire extensively for her exploits. Therefore, their behavior can sometimes have a touch of grandiosity and megalomania à la Napoleon, who conveniently chose himself as the emperor of all Frenchmen – and of course was a lion-born …

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Typical characteristics of the Leo zodiac sign -woman:

Powerful self-confidence:

An almost unshakeable belief in one’s own abilities ensures that the Leo zodiac sign -woman can still move mountains when others have given up long ago. Not only does she benefit from a great deal of organizational talent – her thrilling charisma alone often guarantees the success of a project, from the successful gala event to the overwhelming stage performance, such as with Leo zodiac sign Lady Helene Fischer.

Graceful aura:

The zodiac Leo zodiac sign possesses a radiance that comes from within. Leo zodiac sign s have a good sense for the needs of others, and have a breathtaking instinctive security to the day. With corresponding horoscopic features, a Leo zodiac sign -woman can do a lot of good with her innate warmth of heart.

Generosity, Pride and Strength:

The sun governs the sign Leo zodiac sign and ensures a strong will to live, the desire for creative self-expression and the power to go their own way, if necessary, also against external resistance. Anyone who appears loyal and sincere to the Leo zodiac sign, whether as a friend or at work, usually immediately locks him in his big heart: and often for a whole lifetime.

The Leo zodiac sign – a woman and the love:

Pure, intense passion: That’s exactly what the Leo zodiac sign -woman embodies, as otherwise only the star sign Scorpio. No wonder Leo zodiac sign has a similar appetite for sexual adventures and is a flirting world champion. The hunt for the object of desire is at least as exciting for the self-confident Leo zodiac sign -woman as love itself. The harder a man is to get, the more it will ignite her hunting instincts: and thanks to her healthy self-esteem, the hunts of the Leo zodiac sign -goose Woman usually also very successful. Once she has found her Mr. Right, however, Leo zodiac sign is – not counting occasional side views along the way – an amazingly loyal and faithful partner: However, each Leo zodiac sign must always feel in a relationship again and again to be something very, very special …

Positive characteristics:

  • Loyal
  • Nobel
  • Ambitious
  • enthusiastic
  • Proud
  • Optimistic
  • extrovert
  • Sociable

Negative properties:

  • Unable criticism
  • wasteful
  • arrogant
  • Authoritarian
  • Vain
  • Taking advantage
  • Egocentric
  • selfish
  • Materialistic

The sex life of the Leo zodiac sign female:

One should not expect her to meet the man halfway. Since she is convinced that every man must be happy to own her, she sees no reason to lure him.

The lioness likes to do what she considers an innocent love affair. She does not crave a man because she is too self-satisfied to be sexually aggressive. Your goal is easy to be admired. She behaves lasciviously seductive – and sluggish. She seems instinctively aware of how strongly the men react to her. A wink with your finger, and they hurry to obey their command. It is indeed a command, not a solicitation, for she cannot imagine that any man would submit to disobeying him.

If a lover disappoints her, she does not reprimand him and makes no attempt to remodel him. Her dumb contempt is a much deadlier weapon. Words are not required to express royal disapproval. Many a man is paralyzed by the contempt of the Leo zodiac sign’s wife, and few find the courage to repeat. They gather up the shreds of her ego and creep ashamed. Rarely is she moody, not even in love. She is basically optimistic and happy, and self-analysis is not for her. She does not torture herself with her desires. Why? What a Leo wants, he gets