Gemini Zodiac Sign (21 May-20 June)

Gemini zodiac Sign strong, Caring and loving

Gemini Zodiac Sign

A twin is always under power – but always enthusiastic but always with his friendly and straightforward way. But the appearance is deceiving – the twin has two faces.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign has two sides – a beautiful, friendly-charming, extremely cheerful and sociable side and a slightly mean, unpredictable moody, even unstable side. With which of these pages the twin shows you depends not only on you but also on his current mood. Gemini Zodiac Sign pays to look behind the carefree cheerful facade.

Gemini Zodiac Sign and his character

The twin is the third sign of the zodiac and, like the star sign, Libra and Aquarius are determined by the element of air. And airy-light as a summer breeze he is too – the character of the twin. He is outgoing, versatile and enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that his good mood is contagious to his fellow human beings. He has a keen mind, can memorize tons of information in no time at all – the only requirement is that he should be interested. If he has found interest in something, he informs himself about it until he knows it inside out and moves on to the next topic.
Since his character ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication and of the mind, the twin is by nature not only endowed with a great thirst for knowledge but also a master of rhetoric.Gemini Zodiac Sign establishes contacts as if there is a prize to win, and he has innumerable good acquaintances who care a great deal about him. But those whom he calls friends can be counted on one hand. He has no interest in engaging in too many binding relationships. Too many obligations are a horror to him. Like the element of the air that governs him, it is difficult to capture.Gemini Zodiac Sign Worries and problems he prefers to do with himself.


The twins and their features at a glance:


  • Cheerfulness
  • Versatility
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Creativity Sociability


  • Flightiness
  • Impatience
  • Superficiality
  • Unrest Fragility

The strengths of the twins:

Gemini Zodiac sign communication is her profession. That’s why twins can spread knowledge and news very well. They do this on as many channels as possible, verbally and in writing. Witty and successful entertainment is very important to twins. They do not want to be boring, but they do not like boring people around them either. A special advantage of the twins is their openness to the new and the unknown. This fascinates them and they want to get into the exchange quickly. The term “news feed” gets a whole new meaning for twins. No doubt the art is intrinsic to the twins. This makes them critical, testing people, who in this way gain clear insights and are well able to articulate differentiation.

 The weaknesses of the twins:

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Exciting, exciting, new and, above all, diversified, the twins want their lives. However, this quickly leaves them bored and uninterested as the level of up-to-dateness or entertainment begins to drop in their eyes. Then twins turn away fix and new things or people. Twins regard many people, some of whom they know only superficially, as friends and describe them as such. On the other hand, they rarely use the term “acquaintances”. You will always find an open door and opportunity for exchange. Gemini Zodiac Sign is not really created for few and close or very intense relationships. They need the freedom and I also take the right to express their opinions to their fellow human beings, sometimes quite bluntly. They make fewer friends than they really believe they can.

Characteristics of the Gemini Zodiac Sign:

Gemini zodiac sign is considered very communicative and sociable. However, the twins are said to have a certain superficiality. Twins are curious and mentally very active. They need variety and their drive comes from an inner restlessness that continues to force them.Gemini Zodiac Sign makes them unsteady and flighty, for some even superficial. They are eloquent conversation partners and welcome guests at festivals and parties.

The twins ruler: Mercury – as a principle of communication, trade, and mediation

The twins element: Air

Constellation: They embody the divine Dioscuri Castor and Pollux. Both of them came from the Leda but had different fathers. Pollux, the son of Zeus, was immortal, but Castor, the son of a human king, was mortal. In brotherly love, Pollux asked Zeus after the death of Castor to share with him the mortality and immortality. So they spend the day in the underworld of Hades, at night they are (immortal) in the sky as a constellation.
Favorite color of the twins: Yellow in all possible nuances and shades. 

Favorite gemstones of Gemini: Goldtopas (21-31.05.), Beryl (01.-11.06.), Amber (12.-22.06.). Birthday: May 22 – June 21Ruling planet: MercuryGender: MaleElement: airTemperament: sanguineType: The intellectual, dualistic human physical correspondence: joints, shoulders, arms, hands, brain, tongue, lungs

Gemini Zodiac Sign and Love

Like a butterfly that flies from flower to flower, even a twin usually does not stay with a lover forever. In no other sign of the zodiac is the partner changed as often as in the twins. But as soon as he has internalized that the allure of the new is quickly gone, he will give away his heart permanently.Gemini Zodiac Sign For this, he will choose someone who is equal to his intellectual size and intelligence and knows how to deal with his breezy nature, without wanting to choke it.


Gemini Zodiac Sign typology

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits the twins?

► The energetic Aries immediately appeals to the dashing twin. He has that certain something, the fiery way that the twin loves so much.

► With the flirtatious nature of the twin, the bull in need of security would only be able to cope poorly in the long run.

► The Gemini does not only harmonize spiritually with its own zodiac sign – on a sexual level, the two are more than compatible with their love of adventure.

► The tender cancer is perfectly capable of touching the heart of the lively twin – but mostly only for a moment.

► The fiery lion knows how to take the twin with him, and has exactly what the twin longs for in the bedroom.

► Although Virgo and Gemini Zodiac Sign can talk wonderfully together, a harmonious love life is not to be expected.

► Libra and Gemini – both air signs love to party from party to party. Together they can be very successful.

► The twin is a free spirit who feels alienated and at the same time attracted by the cool detachment of the scorpion.

► The game of hide-and-seek, which the twin loves, drives even the shooter to perfection. A great combination!

► Capricorn is stubborn enough to slow down the twin and make him more realistic. They complement each other well.

► Crazy Aquarius is made for the twin with its lively style.

► They are both clever and so fish and twins cannot resist each other. a good base.

The Gemini Zodiac Sign at work:

A lonely study or a sterile laboratory is not for the sociable, inquisitive twin.He wants to be up to date and feel the pulse of life. The media, the travel industry, technical communications, and the entire sales offer exactly the professions in which the twin can best develop. Mostly gifted with language, he easily argues his contemporaries against the wall and could even sell a Harley Davidson to a seventy-year-old.  The typical twin is looking for a job in which he can make a difference. They like to talk, negotiate and sell for their lives and have success with it. Whether a twin works for several companies at the same time or makes himself independent with his own ideas is up to him. Mercury definitely inspires the Gemini Zodiac Sign and gives him a brilliant mind.  Whether in love, friendships or in the job – the zodiac twins love to broaden their horizons.