Capricorn Zodiac Sign 22 Dec-19 Jan

Capricorn Zodiac Sign – persevering, ambitious and dutiful:

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is ready to work hard for success. He is an outspoken realist, with both legs in life. His goals are achieved thanks to his wealth of ideas and his discipline.

Do you remember the fairy tale “The hare and the hedgehog”? If the animals were to be assigned a zodiac sign, the hare of the zodiac sign would be Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Restrained, seemingly inferior and yet the triumphant winner. Steadfastly, Capricorn follows the path he has taken. Of high-risk abbreviations he holds nothing. His seriousness and his discipline, he does not put off in private life.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign and his character:

All people born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January belong astrologically to the Capricorn. Capricorn Zodiac Sign is the tenth sign of the zodiac, his element is the earth. His planet is the strict Saturn, which stands for realism and security thinking. So the typical Capricorn is not interested in short-lived trends, he values quality. His fashion style is also more classic and elegant. In his free time, he likes to go to the opera or the restaurant – provided the food and service leave nothing to be desired.

Capricorn is friendly but stubborn. He is basically a faithful, loving soul. He seems very reserved, almost a bit shy. How easy it is to confide in him! If in doubt, he does not hesitate to take advantage of your weaknesses to become stronger yourself. He is a friendly contemporary, he can even be really romantic and dreamy. However, the  Capricorn zodiac sign is never influenced by his feelings so much that it loses sight of reality.

The Capricorn Zodiac Sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • flexibility
  • inventiveness
  • discipline
  • ambition
  • loyalty


  • anxiety
  • uncertainty
  • guardedness
  • pettiness
  • melancholy


Capricorn Zodiac Sign and love:

Capricorn has the highest standards – even in love. He is sometimes accused of marrying money or prestige. This is of course exaggerated. But he himself is very ambitious, a steep career is his big goal, and his partner must be equal to him in this regard. Winner types like him, but only if they do not show their success too obvious. Also, a good behavior is an absolute must, should the Capricorn Zodiac Sign bind. But who can live up to the claims of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign?

Zodiac typology

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits Capricorn Zodiac Sign?

► Both are strong, both are self-employed. A relationship between a ram and a Capricorn is casual – and exciting.

► A cottage in the countryside, a secure income, culinary delights – both the bull and the ibex could find happiness.

► A liaison between a lively, lively twin and a calm, melancholy ibex? That is not impossible but requires a lot of patience.

► Cancer needs a partner who is always there for him. If he has the feeling that Capricorn Zodiac Sign is married to his work, he quickly searches for space.

► The proud lion is attracted by the restrained charm of Capricorn. This can be a hot affair – or even more.

► A relationship between a virgin and an ibex looks cool, sober. But their needs are broadly in line, they get along well.

► The ibex enjoys the graceful elegance of the scales, it is wonderfully gallant and never falls out of the role. Here can develop a deep affection.

► A scorpion greatly appreciates the qualities of an ibex. He is fascinated by his serious character. The two fit together well.

► There can be more than just a roaring fire between an ibex and a gunman – but only if the shooter controls his spontaneity.

► Imaginative castles in the air certainly do not build Capricorn Zodiac Sign and Capricorn. Such a couple relies on facts and values the routines in the relationship.

► While Capricorn wants to know what he is about, the restless, changeful Aquarius often does not know what he wants. A very difficult constellation.

► Can the soulful fish tear down the walls that the cool ibex has built around it? Yes! He manages to lure the Capricorn from the reserve.


The Capricorn Zodiac Sign in the profession:

Especially from the Capricorn Zodiac Sign one often claims that he is married to his work. But which jobs suit him, in which professions does he feel comfortable?

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is a thorough, disciplined worker. The Capricorn Zodiac Sign puts great emphasis on good quality in the profession, it is reliable, hardworking, conscientious – and a true perfectionist. With mediocre results, the Capricorn is not satisfied. Although he sets himself courageously and disciplined to work, he cannot be pushed. Amongst ibexes, one finds dry procurators, conscientious asset managers or reliable department heads. The Capricorn broods on difficult tasks alone, it keeps distance to his colleagues and superiors and does not attach importance to corporate gossip. He is reluctant to look at the cards, is a real loner in the job. The Capricorn zodiac sign probably feels in craft professions, as a farmer or restorer, it has its freedom. But even a career as a scientist or mathematician is conceivable.

The Capricorn Zodiac Sign man:

If you want to close the door in his face with a friendly goodbye “Good night”, his foot will certainly be in between. He does not accept any answer. A discharge is not a rebuff; he will try again and again until the resistance is broken.

Love is as important to the ibex as eating and sleeping. Probably at the first meeting one will realize that this earthy, lustful man expects the wife to fit her wishes. In his view, every virtuous woman hides a prostitute. He also attaches greater importance to the sexual than to the woman involved in it. Capricorn Zodiac Sign does not have the innate cruelty of Scorpio, but its strong sexuality makes it ruthless. Inexperience or naivety he uses carefree, and he is attracted to partners who are much younger than himself.

He is passionate, very sensual and cannot stand a rejection. He does not accept brittleness and prudery and hates pure time. He understands, however, if the woman has really reasonable reasons not to jump into bed with him immediately; then he brings patience. An honest presentation of the facts is sufficient. But she must be true, you do not mean anything to him. This not only displeases him, but he also sees through the theater.

He basically needs the certainty that he is loved. He demands a lot because he wants you to be fully committed to him. If one encourages one’s ego enough and lets one feel it clearly enough that one feels comfortable in one’s company, it is on the chain. He is faithful. He does not understand why so many men have to roam about. Why do you need other women when you have found the right one? Capricorn is content to belong to a woman alone.

He prefers to run home from one party to another. But that does not mean that living with him is boring. The sexist Capricorn Zodiac Sign cannot get enough of bedroom activity, and the older he gets, the better he gets. His interest in the physical side of love never diminishes. When other men sit in the rocking chair, the aging ibex still tries to lure women into the bedroom. And his technique only improves with age.

However much he needs a satisfying sexual bond, that alone is not enough for him. The woman must also satisfy him in other areas. He expects her to be a great housewife and hostess, a working colleague, a loyal friend. He wants to have the feeling of a fate-bound togetherness.

He is money-oriented and prudent, clever calculating, uncompromising. He will always do what he sees as his duty. If one will stand against the other, one does not expect a reasonable compromise from it. Even if it seems that he is talking to himself, in reality, he only tries to gain time.

With him, you never know what he’s up to. He can hide his thoughts behind the rigid mask of the introverted. There is a certainty in one point: a secret fire is burning deep beneath its calm surface. His advance to a set goal is as relentless and steady as a lava flow. He is a staunch follower of determination. He knows that all the talent of the world is of no use if one is not diligent. This is the key to his success in love as well as in his job. As a born manager, he usually climbs to the top in his job. He is practical, determined and ambitious. Those who help him on his way will always be rewarded richly. If he suffers from mischief or misfortune, he is tough, resilient and starts all over again.