Cancer Zodiac Sign (21 June-22 July)

Cancer Zodiac Sign – meek, helpful and modest:

Hard shell, soft core – this phrase describes the cancer best. He is sensitive, but he needs a lot of time to open up. If he has confidence, he is a real asset

Cancer Zodiac Sign

People who were born in the Cancer Zodiac Sign, have both child like and something maternal in itself: If the Cancer Zodiac Sign feels threatened, it reacts sensitively, retreats into itself. Quite different if someone needs his help. Effortlessly, he then takes on the role of the protector, gives consolation and gives wise advice.


Cancer Zodiac Sign and his character:

From an astrological point of view, all people who belong between 22.6. and the 22.7. were born to the Cancer zodiac sign. Ruler planet of Cancer is the moon. He stands for the subconscious, sensitivity and feeling. At the same time he symbolizes childhood, but also the mother. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Just as the moon changes every day, so too can a cancer change its mood – from now on. For one moment, he is apparently so happy that he wants to embrace the whole world, only to crawl into bed the next moment and pull the blanket over his head. Not everyone realizes this moodiness. Only his closest friends.

To protect himself and his loved ones, he consistently avoids dangers – at least he tries. If he ever gets into an uncomfortable situation, he immediately starts the retreat. The Cancer zodiac sign is known to be (too) worried. It just can not believe that everything is going well – that’s why it’s hooked on everything. The great skeptic under the signs of the zodiac needs a lot of time to open up. However, if he has someone in his heart, he is a great asset to his life dar. He proves to be a good listener, even better observer and loving adviser. If he is not struggling with his moodiness, he is very sociable. Rounds of talks enrich the cancer with its sparkling charm and inimitable.

The Cancer Zodiac Sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • resistance
  • mildness
  • sensitivity
  • helpfulness
  • modesty


  • jealousy
  • irritability
  • shyness
  • anxiety
  • moodiness

Cancer Zodiac Sign and Love:

A Cancer Zodiac Sign is not a type for a night, it dreams of the great love. In his stories, the poor girl and the beautiful prince always find each other. But the cancer not only dreams of the happy ending, but he also wants to experience it. He particularly longs for a partner who offers him a stable environment. When he is in love, he shows himself sincere and faithful. He is thus made for a long-standing partnership.

Zodiac typology

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Which zodiac fits the Cancer Zodiac Sign?

► But what other star sign copes with the strengths and weaknesses of cancer? On the other hand, who is struggling with the quirks and quirks of moody cancer?

► The fiery ram is far too impulsive for the restrained cancer. If these two enter into a relationship, it often gets uncomfortable.

► When the stressful everyday life is congested by cancer, the peaceful bull can calm him down. The harmony connects them in the long term.

► The playful twin and the sociable cancer have a great time – as long as they are traveling in a larger group.

► If a Cancer Zodiac Sign and another Cancer Zodiac Sign come together, it can be humbled and rejoiced. It’s going to be romantic!

► Like the soulful cancer, the fiery lion loves to spread pats and loving compliments.

► The intelligence and farsightedness of the maiden fascinates the cancer. In addition, both are only interested in lasting relationships.

► The charming and imaginative Libra has much left for the emotionality of Cancer Zodiac Sign. But this relationship is not permanent.

► Cancer Zodiac Sign and Scorpio Zodiac Sign have fate on their side. Love at first sight not excluded!

► The thirst for adventure and the urge for freedom characterize the shooter – not exactly what a Cancer Zodiac Sign wants from its partner.

► In contrast to cancer, Capricorn has a problem expressing its feelings freely. The romance comes too short.

► The lightness of Aquarius exerts a certain fascination on the cancer. Often this is not enough for more than one friendship.

► In love hours and intimate togetherness await the cancer when it allies itself with a subtle fish. That fits right away!


The Cancer Zodiac Sign in the job:

Humanity plays a major role in the typical cancer-born. He leads by example, shines with his kindness and helpfulness. Unscrupulousness is not his thing, negotiating skills are more likely. In the real estate industry and in the commercial sector, he is doing particularly well. Even traditional professions such as the arts or the trade in antiques are the cancer.

These characteristics are typical of the Cancer Zodiac Sign:

Cancer Zodiac Sign

The Cancer Zodiac Sign  (22.06 – 22.07) Is the fourth sign of the zodiac. His planet is the moon and his element is the water. Hard shell, soft core – this description probably applies to most cancers. Sensitive by nature, they take an unusually long time to open their hearts to others. Humanity plays a major role in a Cancer Zodiac Sign, he likes to set a good example, which brings him many sympathies. If they are not upset with their moods, crabs can be very sociable and happy. Friendly and yet careful, they approach their fellow human beings, are good listeners and even better observers. They always have some advice for their fellow human beings, but sometimes they feel helpless when dealing with their own problems.

The moon is the sign of Cancer Zodiac Sign and this symbolizes from an astrological point of view, childhood, but also the mother. The Cancer Zodiac Sign therefore usually has something childlike and maternal at the same time. He is as sensitive as a child and quickly retreats to his snail shell in case of problems. He tends to be hypersensitive and to be worried, often completely unnecessary. But when others need his help, he is quickly on the spot and always has an open ear for his fellow human beings. The big danger with a cancer is its pessimism. He cannot believe that everything should go smoothly, and is looking for a stumbling block. That’s why, above all, he wants to keep people who are close to his heart safe from all dangers, and sometimes he does not notice how he grips and constricts them.

His real life, the cancer lives inside, not outward. He is one of the most benign zodiac signs, kind, soulful and soft. But he knows about his softness, so he also consistently tries to avoid dangers. Tricky situations, aggressive people or even open strife are an abomination to him. Every day you can observe how the moon changes. This rhythm also has cancer-born in their essence. They can therefore change their mood very quickly. Her barometer ranges from sky high to death and many people feel annoyed by this moodiness. And many a tumbling cancer wants to hear only a sweet word.

These character are typical of the Cancer Zodiac Sign woman:

Female crabs are predestined to start a family. Because they themselves have something playful about them and can therefore empathize particularly well with children. You probably can not wait to get offspring. Cancer Zodiac Sign Ladies are completely absorbed in the role of mother. They are also willing to give up their job. The Cancer Mama loves to nurture and nurture her family and pamper them with delicious food. Hardly a zodiac cooks as much and as well as the cancer women. They seem to take the saying that love is through the stomach very seriously. The cancer ladies love to spend their free time in the cozy home. Cuddling up on your sofa on the sofa is the biggest thing for the romantic cancer lady. This is clearly the signature of the moon. This makes her very emotional and emotional. Your sweetheart will be pleased, because he can look forward to many tender hours with his cancer darling. However, the good sometimes tends to overdo it with their affectionate confessions almost a little. This can sometimes lead to your partner feeling restricted in his or her free space. It should not be forgotten that every person needs enough air to breathe. The cancer woman is a little bit comfortable and can not help but realize all her many wishes. She therefore needs someone to inspire her. Only then is she ready to overcome the inner bastard and become active.