Aries Zodiac Sign (March-19 April)

Aries Zodiac Sign – ambitious, strong-willed and full of temperament

Aries Zodiac Sign

Attention, here I come! The hot-blooded Aries knows exactly what he wants, and comes to life with his skin and hair – sometimes regardless of losses.

With a lot of passion, joy and lots of energy the Aries zodiac Sign meets life. The stormy contemporary has big goals and is just bursting with energy. He does not let himself be stopped. Also, as far as Aries zodiac Sign feelings are concerned, the ram does not do things by halves. If Aries zodiac Sign falls in love, it’s like head over heels.

Aries Zodiac Sign and his character:

Aries Zodiac Sign Who between 21.3 and the 20.4 Birthday celebrates, born in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The hot-blooded ram is associated with the planet Mars, which stands for energy and fighting spirit. Like Leo and Sagittarius, it belongs to the fire signs. Of course, the ram goes its way – powerful, carefree and confident. A great attitude to go far! If something gets in his way, Aries zodiac Sign will fight with courage and conviction. His combative nature helps him to overcome even difficult obstacles. What is risky or dangerous is a tremendous fascination for the ardent daredevil.

The ram is impulsive and uncomplicated, does not shy away from confrontation, and speaks openly and honestly when something does not suit him. With him you always know what you are. However, Aries Zodiac Sign shoots at differences ever beyond the goal and develops a strong stubborn skull. Then Aries zodiac Sign rushes like his animal name giver with his head through the wall. Not always without blemishes. Admittedly, when dealing with a hot-headed ram you sometimes need a thick coat. However, those who can deal with his rough-and-ready charm, he presents another, lovable side. If he wants, the ram can be very warm and caring. It’s worth taking a look behind the scenes.

The ram and its features at a glance:


  • self-assurance
  • acumen
  • willpower
  • temperament
  • ambition


  • egoism
  • unpredictability
  • impatience
  • untidiness
  • bravado


Aries Zodiac Sign and love:

The heart of a ram is quickly inflamed. With enthusiasm, Aries zodiac Sign plunges into a relationship, makes big plans and wants to spend the rest of his life together. If you let him fidget, he will do his best to convince the beloved. But you should not exhaust it for a long time, otherwise, the impatient contemporary will rather orient himself otherwise. He does not lack offers: erotic planet Mars makes him very attractive. With his open laugh and his captivating way, he conquers hearts in the storm. His dream partner is independent and gives him a lot of freedom to live his life. The impetuous adventurer believes in the great love – but he does not want to give up his freedom.

Zodiac typology

Aries Zodiac Sign

Which zodiac fits the Aries Zodiac Sign?

► If two rams meet, that means pure passion. But as hot as love are the quarrels of the two.

► Although the sensual bull likes the ram well, in the long run, it is too cozy for him.

► The fun-loving Gemini is a great playmate, but at the same time quite flighty. If that works out?

► Romantic cancer wants to be touched with kid gloves – a challenge for the stormy ram.

► When Aries and Leo meet, it gets hot! However, both want to be in the center – that fuels conflicts.

► Aries and Virgo can hold hours of conversation. But his urge for action is too much for her.

► The scales are neat and well maintained, the ram wild and impetuous. The two are more likely to mind each other.

► With the scorpion, the ram fights a competition. That can be sexy, but it gets tiring over time.

► Aries and Sagittarius lead a beautiful relationship. Both want to experience a lot and complement each other perfectly – as long as they pull together.

► Aries ambition is shared by Capricorn. However, there is trouble when the latter puts the career too much in the center.

► A fantastic pair make Aries and Aquarius. Both are original and unconventional – just made for each other.

► The opposite of Aries is the sensitive fish. If the two manage to combine power and tenderness, they fit together wonderfully.


The Aries Zodiac Sign at work:

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries zodiac Sign true ram also needs a lot of action and a touch of adventure in everyday life. At the desk, he would only acidify; also he finds it difficult to subordinate himself. With superiors, he gets together quickly. No wonder then that people with the zodiac Aries often choose the way to independence. Whether as an entrepreneur,  reporter,  architect or politician – the ram blooms, if he can live out and always meets new challenges. Who works with him is sometimes over-strained: Aries zodiac Sign sets a pace in which not everyone can keep up. If he is motivated, nothing can stop him.

Characteristics of the Aries Zodiac Sign:

The month of March is the spring month. The first day of the ram sign is the spring equinox. Day and night are about the same length on this day. Now the days are getting longer. Spring begins and nature awakens to a new life in most regions. This spirit of departure and impulsiveness characterizes the ram-born. Aries Zodiac Sign wants to go.

  • The ram ruler: Mars – as a principle of assertive power and energy.
  • The Aries Element: Fire
  • Constellation: Aries – German Aries.
  • By today’s classification the first Zodiac sign of the zodiac. The legend of the constellation refers to the Argonautensage. After the cloud goddess, Nephele had been cast out by her husband Hamas, this took the Ino to the woman. Ino sought the lives of the two children of Athamas and Nephele and wanted to sacrifice them. Nephele sent a ram with a golden fleece to save her two children. The name of the ram was Chrysomallos. The rescue succeeded, but one of the children crashed. The other safely reached the land of Colchis. There, Chrysomallos demanded to be sacrificed to the god Ares (Mars). In his memory Aries zodiac Sign was transferred to the sky as a constellation. His coat, the Golden Fleece, was kept in the grove of Ares.


  • The Aries Polarity: Male
  • Favorite color of the ram: red (strong hues), spectral colors.
  • Favorite gems of the Aries: Ruby (21.-31.03.), Diamond (01.-16.04.), Garnet (11.-20.04.).

The strengths of Aries Zodiac Sign:

Basically you can call Aries-born as makers. They have the energy they need not only to plan things in thought, but to let action follow. They like to break new ground and accept the risk of accepting setbacks and adversities. Therefore, rams are also recovering quickly from defeat and taking a fresh start. They have some stamina and tenacity, with the initial impulse being and remaining their strength. If a project is running, it will gladly put it into the hands of those who are better off for long-term organization and implementation. But the ram-born is looking for new challenges again. Aries are therefore also born optimists, because they firmly believe in the success of their company. In most cases, they will prevail with it. Therefore, Aries are typically not good team players, but rather lone fighters.