Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign (20 Jan-18 Feb)

Aquarius Zodiac Sign – original, modern and ahead of its time

A shrill outfit? Default! A jump with the parachute? Boring! A technical invention? Snap! Aquarius Zodiac Sign are regarded as original contemporaries – and wish for an equal partner.

People who were born in the Aquarius love the variety and are open to anything new, sometimes bizarre. Of course, the Aquarius Zodiac Sign also sticks to traditional values. He is very helpful and always has an open ear for his friends.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign and his character:

Aquarius Zodiac sign, which stands for innovation, change and independence, is the planet of Aquarius Zodiac Sign. In addition to Gemini and Libra, Aquarius Zodiac Sign is also an air sign. In the zodiac, the star sign Aquarius is assigned to the eleventh house. Aquarian, born between January 21st and February 19th, are considered extraordinary creatures. They are characterized by their love of freedom, because they value nothing more than their independence. To avoid social conventions, they even take a detour.

You cannot stand constraints. However, when it comes to modern structures and reforms, Aquarius is not far away. He enjoys presenting ideas that do not conform to the norm. Often his ideas are so unusual that he is quickly labeled a crazy professor. In fact, some brilliant personalities were born in the zodiac Aquarius, e.g. Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

At least as colorful and extraordinary as the Aquarius itself, is also his circle of acquaintances. He likes to move in the artist scene, counts musicians or actors among his friends. But he is also attracted to people with pronounced traits. Despite the love of freedom, Aquarius is always there for his family and friends. Even when he is busy with another task, he stops and lies down to help a friend. Knowing God and the world, he can be sure that he, too, always receives support when he needs it.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign are very original and creative. They literally overflow with genius ideas and often have crazy plans that others cannot always understand. Unfortunately, there is a lack of implementation, because the Aquarius Zodiac Sign lacks the necessary staying power to implement all the brilliant ideas. Virtues of Aquarius are kindness, tolerance, kindness and charm, which makes it easy for him to make friends. However, because of their great need for individuality, they sometimes find it hard to accept boundaries and sometimes make them selfish.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign and its characteristics at a glance:


  • Tolerance
  •  Versatility
  •  Willpower
  •  love of freedom
  •  resourcefulness



  • moodiness
  • intransigen
  • cevanity
  • high claim
  • thinking
  • stubbornness


  • Birthdays: January 21st – February 19thRuling
  • Planet: UranusGender
  • Male Element: air
  • Temperament: sanguine
  • Type: The discerning, cosmic philanthropist, the reformer or revolutionary Physical
  • correspondence: lower leg, legs, ankles, ankles, calves, circulation


Positive characteristics:

Energetic, determined, independent, free, independent, unconventional, progressive, enthusiastic, creative, humane, idealistic, intuitive, witty, original, liberal.

Negative properties:

Unsteady, aimless, neurotic, dissolute, extravagant, eccentric, vicious, dissolute, treacherous, fanatical, stubborn, stubborn, convulsive, confused, rebellious, immoral.

Well-known Aquarius Zodiac Sign:

Jack Lemmon, Clark Gable, Jeanne Moreau, Hazy Osterwald, Somerset Maugham, Norman Mailer, Christian Dior, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Juliette Greco, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Hedwig Courts-Mahler, Frederick the Great, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Franz Schubert, Galileo Galilei

Prominent personalities:

  • Dieter Bohlen (Date of birth: 07.02.1954)
  • Falco (date of birth: 19.02.1957)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Date of birth: 27.01.1756)
  • Bertold Brecht (Date of birth: 10.02.1898)
  • Phil Collins (Date of birth: 30.01.1951)


Aquarius Zodiac Sign and love:

If you want to bind an Aquarius, you must not cling. Rather, you have to leave him on a long leash so that he can maintain his sense of independence. Versatile as it is, the zodiac Aquarius cultivates many friendships and hobbies – and they would not want to give up despite their relationship.

It’s hard to keep up with Aquarius Zodiac Sign, but that’s exactly what he wants: he needs a partner who shares his love of variety, joins quirky ideas, and enjoys things that are anything but normal. A zero-fifteen relationship is out of the question for Aquarius, he prefers to love extraordinary.

In addition to the Gemini and the Libra, the star sign Aquarius is one of the air signs. Aquarians are very individual, independent people who appreciate the unusual and the strange. They like to show this with unusual clothes or unconventional hairstyles. They are very creative in almost everything they do and they like to stand out from the crowd by being different. Born in the star Aquarius Zodiac Sign are also very sociable people and hate the loneliness. They have a large circle of friends and are very comradely and helpful.

Zodiac typology

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Which star sign suits Aquarius?

► It is also exciting to ask what other zodiac signs can cope with the strengths and weaknesses, the quirks and quirks of Aquarius – and which one is wrong.

► If an Aquarius and a ram meet, things get right down to business. With its fiery, impulsive nature, it is easy for Aries to stand up to Aquarius.

► Of course the bull is not one of the body acrobats and he has no interest in that. But he enchanted the Aquarius with his sensual nature and his well-groomed appearance.

► The twin is just as flexible and versatile as Aquarius. In addition to the love of variety, she also combines the joy of dealing with other people.

► Actually, the cancer is far too shy for the Aquarius, who longs for fun and variety. Because he is also an individualist, he still attracts him.

► It will rarely spark between an Aquarius and a lion. For the seemingly limitless self-esteem of the lion is classified by Aquarius as arrogance.

► While the Aquarius likes to throw conventions overboard, the Virgin needs clear structures to feel comfortable. Discussions would be the order of the day with this unequal couple.

► A scale could be the perfect antidote to enterprising Aquarius. With a lot of diplomatic skill, she puts him in his place when he struggles.

► Like Aquarius, the scorpion also goes its own way. But not only this determination enchants the Aquarius, but also the typical Scorpio passion.

► The shooter could be the ideal complement to Aquarius. Both zodiac signs have great visions, think in a progressive way, and give themselves the desired freedom.

► An Aquarius and a Capricorn will rarely make delicate ties. For the ambitious Capricorn it is simply out of the question to subordinate his career to partnership.

► No other star sign matches Aquarius so well – like the star sign Aquarius! True to the motto “Equal and equal like to join”, these two complement each other perfectly.

► The soulful fish intuitively senses what Aquarius lacks for his happiness: romance and tenderness. The daydreaming of the fish soon gets on the nerves of Aquarius.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign at work

The typical Aquarius Zodiac Sign is not known for his stamina, if he is really convinced of a certain thing, but he stays on the ball and even proves fighting spirit. Once the Aquarian born has turned his vocation into a profession, he is way ahead of his colleagues. Aquarius does not go with the trend, he sets the trends. He can use this strength in the fashion industry, in advertising, art or even in science. But he is also responsible for the entire technical and electronic sector, the radio and television industry and the computer industry.