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My name is khawaja Sikander Ali  and I live in New York, United States. I was born in 1993 and the first professional years, you have to say almost decades, I was self-employed in a craft profession. Even then, I wanted to make the world a bit fresher, more colorful and full of light. Through some years of apprenticeship and wandering, I soon found astrology. That convinced me because it unites the human and the logical/spiritual side. Astrology manages to explain to people very concretely what is still in the treasury and what can be developed.

I am convinced and moved by the fact that every person wants to and has to find his own life and with it his own lifestyle. Beyond “normality” the most beautiful flowers are blooming! Unconventional approaches are spiritual food for me; if a conversation develops in a conversation, then I can do my best. First and foremost: a new or different view of the current situation. And the clear and decisive YES for the individual challenges that life puts on us all. You have to know, if you rarely appreciate the current moment, then it gets complicated in life.

I like to be an astrologer. I appreciate good and deep discussions and challenging requests from my clients. I like to grow with the counselor and sometimes even beyond me. When it comes to showing people a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation, to see signs of the times or even to have a compassionate ear and heart, then I can fully commit myself. I never wanted anything else in this life and I am happy to shape my job, my life and my partnership in such a way that it enriches me and everyone else.


About Zodiac Signs:

Each zodiac is assigned certain characteristics that are said to be typical of those born under that zodiac sign. What about your zodiac? Does it fit?

We Give your zodiac sign information what you want and what is good for your life..

Free day by day horoscopes, week by week horoscopes, month to month horoscopes, 2018 horoscopes, love soothsaying, similarity and that’s just the beginning!

Look at our Website to locate the celebrated individuals conceived in your zodiac sign and see the identity qualities and attributes related with each of the zodiacs. … The indications of the zodiac help us by giving intriguing bits of knowledge in our everyday lives and in addition the qualities we have. Aside from this, Zodiac signs are Discover more about the crystal gazing and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Find out about what your sign means and how if influences your life.
If you look at which zodiac signs appear there, you get a first impression of which ones are particularly prone to the money. Leo, Libra and Aquarius seem to have a lucky fortune financially, while shooters, twins and crabs rarely appear on the list.

In the astronomy of the Zodiac, the area of the constellations that runs through the ecliptic is called. On the other hand, in Western astrology, the zodiac is about 20 degrees wide around the ecliptic. Within it, the orbits of the sun, moon and planets run. The midline forms the ecliptic. Within the zodiac are the 12 zodiac constellations, after which the zodiac signs known to us today are named. Whether the zodiac signs have been named after the zodiac constellations, or whether it was the other way around, is no longer understandable today.
The zodiac signs are thus twelve sub-regions of the zodiac. In the beginning, these parts coincided with the star constellations. But since they depend on the astronomical season, they have shifted over the years against the stars. The zodiac starts at Aries point; this is the middle vernal equinox. This is followed by Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and finally the Zodiac Pisces.

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